So here is an update on our lives. We will be posted in Northwest Province April 25th, about 30 km on bush path from the town of Solwezi, 12 hours bus ride from Lusaka. We have a mud brick hut with a porch and a thatched roof. There is a school and clinic nearby, thus water is close also. Things have been really busy learning Kikaonde language and technical training. Our two years of service won’t begin until April 23 when we officially become peace corps volunteers. I’m brain dead right now and have little to say and no pictures to share, but Zambia is good. We’re entering cold-dry season. We’ve been so busy sometimes it seems surreal to think that I am in Africa but when the moments come and it sinks in it feels really nice. Our health is good, haven’t seen any big animals and loving the people we meet especially in the villages. Thats all for now we just cruised through town from training and I wanted to shout out. I hope to provide a more lucid account to share in the future, but for now all is well and I hope all is well with you.